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Hi.  My name is Levi Vaoga and I am a professional strongman and the ambassador for the Mitre 10 Mega stores throughout New Zealand.

I have been competing internationally in the strongman sport since 1999 and have carried; lifted and pressed some extremely heavy weights in a variety of ways.  I therefore know how a stable stance and good posture can keep the body strong and help prevent injury.

Since I started using ProKinetics (in 2010), I feel my posture has greatly improved and foot positions have become more natural, enabling me to adjust quicker when heavy lifting.  My lifts have also noticeably increased and I no longer suffer aches and pains in my hips and feet after heavy training sessions.  I believe the improvements can be attributed to wearing the ProKinetics Insoles. 


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Walktall Aotearoa
15 Pitt Street, Wanganui,
New Zealand
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Product Images

Our product range includes:

 MB55169 MB55171 

Natural Body Balance™ 

ProKinetics® Insoles offer the ultimate in comfort and performance with easily customizable Kinetic Technology™  and arch support.
The comfortable suede like Microfiber cover offers strength, moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties, and combines with the uni-body insole to give you just the right amount of cushioning with a glove like fit.
Smarter features offer significant weight reduction.  Weighing in at 30% less than the most popular foot beds, the lightweight FTP insole uni-body is made durable and flexible.

 MB55164 Posture Control Insoles®

The original medical grade insoles fits underneath or on top of your removable insole and is perfect for all shoes including dress shoes.
Ultra thin synthetic rubber insoles with suede like cloth cover.
 MB55156 Perfect Fit 

Includes 2 pair of Posture Control Insoles ® 
3.5 and 6.0mm
 Kinetic Technology™.
SoleMate™ Comfort MicroLifts

Kinetic Technology™ in the world's smallest and only "orthotics" you can use anywhere, even barefoot.  Stick them on your feet or in your shoes.  Perfect for barefoot sports like Pilates, and Yoga,  Perfect for sandals, flip-flops and gets rid of that burning ball-of-foot pain when wearing high heels.
 MB55136 Posture Control Arches

For use with the Posture Control Insoles.  Many people who have previously used arch supports find they are unnecessary with the PCIs due to the increased muscular activity in the foot. But they are available if needed.

 MB55144 Posture Control Heel Raises

If you know you need a heel raise and use PCIs these are a very flexible but sturdy option that are designed to work with the PCI.